Existential Philosophy in Medicine


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Existential philosophical underpinnings have Lnfluenced perceptions of health, wellness, illness, and medicine since the ancient Greeks. Philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Galen, Heidegger and Illich considered questions related to the nature of knowledge, the meaning of health, the connection between the mind and body, and the Lnfluence of changing medical theories and technologies. Interpreting and evaluating theoretical foundations and the meanings they hold are essential to definLnJ a workable philosophy of medicine.

Health and the practice of medicine have continued to evolve over the past centuries; however, it should be emphasized that it is existential perspectives that maintain the importance of a body-soul connection and the wider perspective in achieving a state of wellness. A state of wellness is different from modern conceptualizations of health and it has been opined that modern medical methodology focuses on revenues and actions of physicians in marketing medical technologies that do not necessarily produce positive outcomes. Although medical technologies have allowed people to extend their lives as a perceived benefit, this technological type of intervention has many times led to lack of responsiveness to the natural progression of holistic physiological well-being. Medical practice should be viewed through a wider lens as a method of addressing a state of wellness and balance between body and soul, in order to achieve the desires and needs of both doctors and patients.

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