Dramatic advances in biotechnology are revolutionizing medical science with recent discoveries in cellular and tissue engineering and new drug delivery techniques. There is now great potential to improve medical care by enhancing diagnostic capabilities and substantially expanding therapeutic options. Over the past decade, the pace of biotechnological research has markedly accelerated, especially in the field of ophthalmology, which has never been more exciting or promising. We stand on the threshold of capabilities that will diminish or prevent visual loss. We have proof-of-principle in the applications of novel biosensors, devices, and drug delivery systems for diagnosing and treating eye diseases, which attracts not only scientists and physicians, but also the public. These applications include the measurement of intraocular pressure and the usage of nanoparticles to treat choroidal new vessels, preventing scarring after glaucoma surgery, and treating retinal degenerative disease with gene therapy.

This Research Topic aims to bring together leading researchers to exchange and share their findings on the hot topics of novel nanotechnology for understanding eye physiology, diagnosing eye disorders and treating eye diseases. For example, intravitreal nanoparticles could be used to treat age-related macular degeneration and/or diabetic retinopathy, where conventional delivery systems prove sub-optimal because of factors affecting the drug dynamics . Briefly, personalized diagnosis and therapy originating from nanomedicine should be included in this Research Topic.

We welcome all investigators to submit their best research addressing applications of biosensors, tissue engineering, diagnostic devices, for this Research Topic, on the areas of:

• Nanomedicine and biomaterials; including delivery systems and materials for tissue engineering for the eye
• Translational medicine based on nanomedicine, including biosensors and diagnostic devices for eye disorders
• Stem cell therapy based on nanomedicine for eye diseases

This Research Topic can include Original Research, Reviews, and Perspectives.

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