Impact of Trichoderma sp. in Agriculture: A Mini-Review


Trichoderma is one of the economically important microorganisms from farmer fields to industries. This paper focuses on the economic importance of Trichoderma in agricultural systems which is accessed by about 50 research and review papers previously published. Trichoderma is effective to use as a biocontrol in various fungal pathogens and some of the bacterial pathogen. Five species of Trichoderma are reported in this paper for their different activities as a biofertilizer, biopesticide, and bioremediation. Trichoderma viridae is one of the most used commercialized products found in Nepal and Trichoderma harzianum is the fungus with a broad range of benefits in agriculture. Though the use of Trichoderma species is reported its commercialization and use in the farmer's field is still lacking. Thus, the focus should be given for the use of Trichoderma in farmers' field through Farmer field trial.

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