International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology

Image The International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology is a peer reviewed journal presenting a vision of providing the young talents a platform to encourage them to develop and globalize their skills and talents for the welfare of the society they are associated with and ultimately to the whole world. The Journal also aims to encourage every young talent to pursue research in fields they are interested and also makes every citizen accessible for the new technologies thr... Read More

On Completing Decade of Successful Publishing Journal of Brain Disorders & Therapy Announces Special Issue Invitation

Image Journal of Brain Disorders & Therapy (ISSN: 2168-975X) is scheduled to celebrate its 10th anniversary in the year 2020. The monthly journal has successfully released several issues of peer-reviewed articles collated from wide geographic locations across the world since its inception in the year 2011, in addition to several special issues. To commemorate the decade long publications services, the editorial team of the journal is planning to compile an edited special issue focusing on tending research activities in Brain. The theme/title of the upcoming special issue ... Read More

Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy Disseminating the knowledge of Psychoanalytical perspectives

Image Psychoanalysis is a type of therapy that aims to release pent-up or repressed emotions and memories in or to lead the client to catharsis, or healing. In other words, the goal of psychoanalysis is to bring what exists at the unconscious or subconscious level up to consciousness. With the ardent support of the 25+ Million Reader base, Eminent authors, Prominent reviewers and Elite Editorial panel, J Psychol and Psychother just completed the successful release of its 4th Edition this ... Read More