Abortion and Ethics : Issue & Analysis


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Abortion is a serious issue and ethical dilemma , there is a debate going on whether abortion should be legalized or not. Women of every social class or creed seek termination of pregnancy for various reasons such as ٽnanciaO instability, pregnancy as a result of rape or incest, when fetus have congenital abnormality such as congenital heart defects, orofacial  down syndrome, neural tube defects , when the continuation of pregnancy have harmful eوٴects on mother or when mother is suوٴering from diseases like hepatitis . Sometimes a mother goes for abortion without even paying attention to future consequences, and if abortion is not legalized then the women utilizes the unsafe services provided by the quacks . Hence, there are many devastating eوٴects of illegalization of abortion. Most of the people in our society use abortion as their family planning method which gives opponent a point to illegalize the abortion.

In the outpatient department, a female client came to the nurse and asked the question, “Do they abort the fetus here?” History was taken which revealed she was a 24 years old female, having ٽrst pregnancy and four month had occurred. Нe reason which was shared is that her husband is leaving the country and she alone doesn’t want to be sole responsible and care taker of the baby. Нis situation was important as in Eastern culture where they considered baby as a giі of God and mother as a symbol of care and love.  

As a health care professional, several questions were asked related to fetus. As a four-month fetus, do I have any right to breath? To whom I belong? Is it right to kill the fetus for the fear of poverty? Does fetus should be aborted in case of many children? Is abortion a murder and to what extent does the client abortion would be legal? Does religion permit abortion? Is abortion legalized in various countries? By keeping myself in place of mother, I asked does she has a right to take any decision on the behalf of fetus. Why she wanted to abort the fetus? What are the factors that cause mother to abort the fetus? Why family members aren’t stopping her as this is her frist pregnancy? Both couples decide together and when she was aware about her husband’s departure then why they went for conception?

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