CERAMENT™|BONE VOID FILLER is an injectable and flexible artistic bone substitute proposed for bone voids. The material comprises of a powder and a fluid segment. The significant constituents of the powder are hydroxyapatite and calcium sulfate hemihydrate. The fluid segment contains iohexol (C-TRU) as a radio-opacification enhancer. Blending the parts, with the consolidated blending infusion gadget (CMI), brings about a gooey material expected to set ex-vivo or in-vivo. By joining hydroxyapatite and calcium sulfate an ideal equalization is accomplished between embed resorption rate and bone in-development rate. Calcium sulfate goes about as a resorbable transporter for hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite has a moderate resorption rate, high osteoconductivity, advancing bone in-development, and gives long haul basic help to the recently shaped bone. The fired bone substitute material is put into the bone void under visual investigation or under radiographic observing during open or percutaneous medical procedure, with the utilization of the going with infusion gadget (ID).

For generous bone tumors requiring careful intercession either because of pathologic crack or the danger of break, CERAMENT®|BONE VOID FILLER offers injectability through a 16G needle, flowability and radiopacity, making it perfect for either open or percutaneous medical procedure and offering total void filling.

CERAMENT|BONE VOID FILLER redesigns into have bone inside 6 a year, decreasing the danger of re-break.

For high-chance patients, CERAMENT®|G and CERAMENT® V can moreover offer a high neighborhood centralization of anti-microbials to ensure embeds and bone mending.

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