Kidney disease


Kidney disease

Kidney disease is a complex health problem, often coinciding with cardiovascular pathology (e.g. hypertension) and metabolic disturbances (e.g. obesity and diabetes). It is also a disturbingly fast growing global public health problem, e.g. chronic kidney disease affects an estimated ~9-16% of the population. Besides the public health issues this results in a large economic burden as kidney diseases contributes disproportionally to about a quarter of total health care costs.

Experimental and clinical data solidly support the view that kidney tissue hypoxia plays a critical and intricate role during the genesis and progression of both chronic and acute kidney diseases. This research field is currently at the very beginning of integrating pre-clinical with clinical research in which hypoxia related mechanism are quantified by non-invasive imaging. In combination with the fact that some key questions remain unanswered, this offers exciting new research perspectives that are waiting to be explored.

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