The Horns of Dilemma: Life or Sovereignty?


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Death and dying are the bitter truth that is faced by every person inevitably. Paying respect to the decision of a patient in a hospital setting is always a challenging task. In eastern countries, family plays an important role in decision making. But it always overrides the preferences and wishes of the patient and this leads to violation of ethical principles such as autonomy, informed consent and veracity. Looking a situation from different paradigms and deciding the best solution on the ground of ethical principles should be the utmost priority of the healthcare provider

A person is the best decision maker of his life if he is an adult and mentally stable so, every individual should be given the chance to decide for himself. But in hospitals, a nurse can play a role of an advocator by counseling both the patient and family for the positive achievable results. As gangrene takes time to spread throughout the body so there is a time to change the mindset of an individual.

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