The most cited article in Immunogenetics: Open Access is “MHC Genotyping from Rhesus Macaque Exome Sequences”


The most cited article in Immunogenetics: Open Access is “MHC Genotyping from Rhesus Macaque Exome Sequences”

Immunogenetics: Open Access has been published an article in the last year and it is one the most inspiring article. The article entitled “MHC Genotyping from Rhesus Macaque Exome Sequences”. It is the most cited article published in the Volume 4 in 2019. Here we are explaining introduction and conclusion of an article.

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The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is an intensively studied set of genes in macaques. The genomic MHC region contains clusters of genes that encode the MHC class I complex and the MHC class II complex. Cells use MHC class I molecules to present intracellular peptides to immune cells like the CD8+ T cell or natural killer cells. MHC class I molecules accommodate intracellular peptides of varying specificity by having diverse amino acid sequences in the α1 and α2 subunits, which form the peptide-binding cleft . These α1 and α2 subunits correspond to exons 2 and 3 respectively, of an MHC class I gene. Most of the polymorphisms that distinguish MHC class I alleles are concentrated in exons 2 and 3. Thousands of individual MHC allelic variants have been identified in the three most widely used macaque species for biomedical research: rhesus, cynomolgus, and pig-tailed macaques.

These results demonstrate that MHC genotypes can be obtained by analyzing genomic DNA selectively enriched for MHC and proteincoding gene sequences. This represents an important advance for characterizing MHC genetics in macaques, and this suggests that analyses of whole exome and whole genome data will become the predominant method for studying macaque genetics in the coming decade.

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