Thyroid Function Status by Paired Test


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Thyroid health is a recognized public health issue for its magnitude and also for its impact on physical and mental health. There is lacks of consensus in use of unified tools for assessment of Thyroid Function Status in diagnostic and follow up stings. We design our present study to assess feasibility of paired FT4 and TSH test as a tool for determination of functional status. We utilized both FT4 and TSH hormones from single sample and classify a population of 34159 tests of our laboratory into all possible classes by permutation combination of test results according to their reference ranges. As both the tests are widely available and in use by physicians for quite long time, our new reference ranges surrogated on them therefore this tool is a valid one. If our tool–paired test can define classes with distinct biochemical character then this will be an unambiguous common tool for assessment of Thyroid Function Status.

The thyroid medicine is facing some pitfalls of thyroid function tests interpretations. We explore the features of classes defined by combining FT4 and TSH tests results from same blood sample in diagnostic and follow up settings together. If classes defined by this system can show significantly different hormone profiles from one another, than the paired test will be a valid tool to determine the functional status. The TSH test gained much attention soon after its assay kits became available.

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