Use of an Amphoteric Solution in Eye, Skin and Oral Chemical Exposures


A polyvalent amphoteric flushing fluid (Diphoterine® solution) has been utilized for a number of years for decontamination of eye and skin chemical splashes, mainly in industrial settings. Application of this flushing fluid as soon as possible aіer the chemical splash at the accident site can prevent or limit the consequences. Recently, a number of emergency departments have begun using this amphoteric flushing fluid in either the pre-hospital or hospital settings (use by the mobile emergency and intensive care services(SMUR) or in accident and emergency departments). In these circumstances, use of this solution may be more delayed than in industrial settings.

It is generally accepted that decontamination of eye or skin chemical splashes should be done as soon as possible aіer exposure. While potable water as the flushing fluid has been utilized for a very long time, it is perhaps currently not the best option . Diphoterine® is a polyvalent amphoteric solution for flushing splashed chemicals on the skin or surface of the eyes. It has been used efficaciously for a number of years in industrial settings . In the European Union, Diphoterine® solution is a Class II medical device. It is not irritating to the eyes or skin, is not sensitizing in guinea pigs or humans, is nontoxic (rat oral/dermal LD50 >2,000 mg/kg) and is not mutagenic in the Ames test. Diphoterine® solution

In recent years, intensive research on the biosynthesis, physical-chemical properties, analytical methods, occurrence in food and feed materials, and toxic effects in different biological systems have contributed for understanding the distribution and mechanisms of toxicity of emerging mycotoxins, as well as their potential involvement in animal and/or human diseases.

For this Research Topic, we welcome investigators to contribute original research articles as well as review articles that will cover knowledge gaps on the chemistry, analysis and toxic effects of emerging mycotoxins in food and feed products. Any manuscript type is welcomed, including recent development in analytical methods, mechanistic in vitro and in vivo studies, A polyvalent amphoteric flushing solution (Diphoterine®) has been in use for a number of years, mainly in industrial settings for decontamination of acid, base, and other corrosive or irritant substances eye and skin splashes.